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In the course of accrediting organizations and programs, it is likely that complaints, disagreements, and potential conflicts of interest will surface. In the spirit of continuous improvement, CAPRSS will respond to concerns through a formal process that is fair, balanced, and comprehensive. Further, CAPRSS maintains a “no retaliation” policy, ensuring that anyone issuing a final complaint or engaged in whistle-blowing activity will not suffer retribution from the organization.

( To learn about the complaint process, please read the complete CAPRSS Complaint policy.)

Please Note

To submit a formal complaint, you must  provide your name and contact information.  By providing your name and contact information, you are agreeing that CAPRSS can contact you if further information is neede, as well as to inform you about any actions taken as a result of your complaint.

The CAPRSS complaint policy ensures confidentiality;  your name will not be shared with any other party. However, if your complaint has credibility and applies directly to one or more accreditation standards, your complaint will be shared with the organization (without name or identifying information) as part of our complaint investigation.


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Please compete the information below if you would like CAPRSS to contact you about any action taken on your complaint. Your name will be kept confidential.
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