Accreditation Readiness Self-Assessment

Is Your PRSS Program Accreditation Ready?

Accreditation is an intense and intensive process that looks at seven areas (called domains):

  1. Recovery Principles, Culture and Climate
  2. Ethical Framework for Service Delivery
  3. Peer Leader Development
  4. Peer Supervisor Development
  5. Governance and Program Oversight
  6. Management Systems
  7. Peer Support Capacity: Core Competencies

This short self-assessment will help you to determine whether your program is accreditation ready.  It focuses on key criteria for each of the accreditation domains and standards.  

Each section starts with a description of the domain.  Multiple choice questions that relate to the domain follow, in which you can check as many answers as apply.

For the assessment to be useful, it is important that you be searchingly and thoroughly honest in your answers to the questions.  For each, think about whether the statement truly applies to your program and if so, what evidence you would use to demonstrate that it does apply.

At the end of the survey, you will receive feedback on each topic with suggestions for next steps.

This survey is anonymous in that there is no information collected that would identify your organization to CAPRSS.